All changes in a single historical data record

Change Management

IT Change Management

Each and every modification made to workstations and servers across your organisation is monitored and tracked thanks to IT Change Management.

Change Management

Modification to the IT infrastructure are immediately reported back through the alarms log: the Alarms Summary Dashboard. This advanced tool provides a clear view of the current state of each ongoing alarm and its criticality level.  It automatically generates a ticket number that identifies the change or modification detected. This ticket number makes it possible to do a detailed follow-up of the evolution of the change, identify the root cause and helps resolve the issue. In addition, with the ticket number it's possible to detect whether any alarm was eliminated from the database.

IT Management Software


Change Management is Powerful IT management

Change Management will allow you be able to easily configure the criticality and escalation levels for every type of alert and choose who from your team to notify, either via email or SMS. For example if software on the Whitelist is detected, you may choose to dismiss that alert but if the software belongs to the Blacklist, you might want to notify the Service Desk. Different escalation levels can be used with the purpose of determining who should be notified and the course of action to be taken based on the location of the change. Say for example an unauthorised software program is detected on the CEO's PC, an email alert will only reach the IT Security responsible for the CEO. If the same type of alert comes from a PC in the administrative area you might want to send this to the Service Desk where the software will be uninstalled automatically.


Access to the complete records of each change and alert on every workstation means real control over all configuration changes.