InvGate IT Financials & LifeCycle

The key to a reliable forecasting : Accurate information

InvGate IT Financials & LifeCycle

IT managers have to continuously evaluate the way they manage IT-related finance and spending. InvGate IT Financials & LifeCycle provides an easy and intuitive way to manage all the financial information related to your IT infrastructure.  Assets gives you total control over budget and investment.

Detailed accurate information is required for effective management. To accomplish this Assets offers the following:

  • Reporting by cost centre. Warranty management and expiration alerts.
  • Annual depreciation estimation of IT assets on all asset types.
  • Detailed budget analysis pinpointing deviations in spending versus forecasts.
  • Control of Total cost of Ownership for all your software and hardware assets.

Total control over budget distribution and investment

LifeCycle: Limitless reporting capabilities

LifeCycle reporting capabilities
InvGate Assets is the solution for comprehensively managing and tracking all IT assets. Having a report on hand with a complete view of the current state of the IT infrastructure keeps you one step ahead. IT Financials & LifeCycle functionality gives a comprehensive understanding of IT assets' life cycle.

Every IT asset on your network  is automatically detected by IT Management, while assets not connected to the network can be imported into the software database. This provides seamless detailed and continuous real-time network monitoring during the lifetime of assets. IT Financials & LifeCycle allows for:

  • Managing the allocation workstations in stock.
  • Knowing the components, workstations and devices in stock.
  • Keeps record of retired workstations.
  • Managing repairs time and investment.

The priority is to generate valuable information for IT management so we have designed our software with that in mind right down to the smallest detail.