IT Inventory

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IT Inventory

Get the picture on the current state of the IT infrastructure right across the organisation down to the smallest detail thanks to IT Inventory.  The ultimate solution to instantly and automatically track and manage all your IT hardware and software assets

Assets Management

Produce a complete inventory and repository of detailed information reflecting the configuration of each and every IT resource on your network. This information includes:

  • Workstation manufacturer, model and serial number.
  • Operating systems configuration CPU, RAM and network cards.
  • Physical workstation location.
  • Installed software, updates performed and program execution dates.
  • Related devices and contracts.
  • 500+  other indicators ranging from financial information, to license management, software categories, alerts, etc.

IT Inventory

Being able to access the exact record of IT assets is the key to better management of all the hardware and software in your organisation. By having a thorough understanding of your infrastructure you can truly see the biggest picture to make informed decisions, eliminate unnecessary expenditure and maximise your budget.

IT Inventory will give you an exact and accurate record in seconds. Time and cost associated with conducting manual audits and record keeping are now a thing of the past.