Manage your licenses efficiently

Managing Licenses

IT License Management Solution

Keeping up to date records of software licenses, their value, allocation and expiry is necessary to ensure compliance in the event of a vendor audit as well as efficiently managing software expenditure.


IT License Management

InvGate IT License Management includes license management plans (Installation, CPU, OEM, Open Select, etc).


The price of mismanaging software licenses can be high. Thanks to IT License Management you will eliminate typical mistakes caused by lack of precise information.  IT departments will no longer over or under-spend on software licensing, thus avoiding any legal and reputational risks from operating software without a valid license.

Knowing the precise number of licenses required is just the beginning. For true optimisation of your resources InvGate Assets allows you to:

License Management
  • Run license investment forecast reports.
  • Allocate licenses to groups of workstations or cost centres.
  • Define downgrades for license agreement.
  • Relate multiple agreements.
  • Provide cost analysis on license renewals.
  • Keep maintenance contract record related to the different types of license agreements (perpetual license option, term basis license option, etc).