IT Software Deployment

Quicker installs and upgrades

IT Software DeploymentSoftware Deployment

Cut costs and save time by providing unattended distribution and installation of software on different workstations across your organisation.  In a completely automated, centralised, transparent, and user-friendly way, installation of all applications is carried out on the whole IT platform without having to physically deploy personnel.

Key amongst features of this software is that distribution can be performed either globally or on smaller groups of workstations. Smart automation will take into account custom deployment conditions at the time of installation such as "install the client's latest VPN version only in those workstations that already have the previous version installed".

Maximizing IT Management and Support

IT Management and Support is now easy thanks to IT Software Deployment, as it removes idle time, reduces workload and maintains all systems with maximum efficiency.

Maintenance planning within the IT is now a far more simple and efficient task.  IT Software Deployment can schedule the exact moment to perform the installation of software, as well as determine the specific workstations where such installations are required. 

IT Software Deployment allows:

  • Reduction in the costs of Software maintenance.
  • Simplification of installation and updating tasks on workstations across your organisation.
  • Reducing the idle time of users during installation.
  • Lower staffing costs as no IT staff deployment is required for either distribution or installation of software and other documents.