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Software Metering allows management and the utilisation of each software resourse across IT infrastructure. The tool provides comprehensive reporting capabilities as well as statistics on software utilisation across the organisation.

This functionality enables the complete inventory on all software assets on the network. With InvGate IT Software Metering you can discover the number of users of a software program, frequency of use, start and stop time, idle time and peak usage. It is then possible to have an overall view of the number of hours of used and unused time for any given software resource.

Metering provides for efficient assignment of resources by revealing the current relevant data about how software is actually used. IT Software Metering is a powerful tool when it comes to making decisions on software purchasing and renewal. Significant cost savings can be made in license renewal through the identification of under or unused software resources.

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Measure the benefits:

  • Best-fit reconciliation of licenses against installed software can determine whether there is over or under licensing.
  • Ensure the organisation only pays for the software and support they really need avoiding unnecessary expense resulting from license mismanagement.
  • Metering and control of Windows Terminal Server use and Citrix environments.