Assets is an intelligent solution to manage change, and optimise the use of resources and make smart IT decisions.

  • IT Inventory

    Keeping tabs on the status of the systems infrastructure across the organisation is now possible down in great detail. InvGate Assets instantly tracks and manages all IT hardware and software in a centralised and automated way.

  • Discovery

    Network Discovery takes the knowledge about your infrastructure to a new level. Assets takes automated and unattended inventory of all SNMP devices connected to the network, such as network printers, routers, switches and access point, etc.

  • Remote Desktop Connections

    With IT Remote Desktop take instant and total control of workstations, and access each and every Windows desktop in the organisation remotely via your network.

  • Deploy Software

    Software Deployment will save you time and reduce your management costs. Unattended distribution and simultaneous installation of software on multiple workstations anywhere across your network.

  • Metering

    Software Metering is the name of an innovative and intelligent tool for optimising software license usage across your organisation. Comprehensive reporting as well as statistics on software utilisation helps reduce waste and redeploy resources where they are needed elsewhere.

  • LifeCycle & Financials

    Precise and detailed information on financials and asset lifecycle is critical for effective management. Informed decisions can be made using Assets to better budget for IT investment and the management and renewal of your infrastructure.

  • Reports

    Asset reports are fully customisable to flexibly generate the exact report needed when you need it.  Get ultimate insight into all aspects of your IT Assets providing the most effective monitoring, control and deployment of your resources.

  • License Management

    Keep up to date records of all software licenses, their value, allocation and expiry. This is not only necessary for effective management, it also ensures compliance in the event of a vendor audit. Track, plan, purchase and manage your software licenses with Assets.

  • Change Management

    Assets Change Management allows comprehensive monitoring of all changes in software, hardware, licenses and even workstation allocation remotely. Modification across your network are tracked in real time to provide full visibility and control at all times.