Service Desk Analytics

Ten step Report builders can be difficult to grasp and often have limited ability to explore, discover and interact with your data. InvGate Service Desk’s built-in analytics tool uses an integrated OLAP approach that delivers the data you need, simply and in real time.

A Fresh approach to Reporting

In traditional helpdesk applications, managers can end up scrolling through an endless list of predefined reports in an attempt to guess where the information is hiding. Another common approach is the report building assistant - a multiple step process that can be complex and frustrating to use.

InvGate Service Desk’s analytics and custom reporting tools use a new approach: interactive, OLAP business analytics. With a simple drag and droping you can define:

  • What you want to see?
  • How you want to see it?

Because information is displayed in real time, you can adjust and modify the report on the fly and get more details, add more information or perform automatic filtering with just a click or two. All visualisations are interactive giving you the visibility required to drive process improvement in your Service Desk.

Customised Metrics

Our ticket management OLAP cube has more than 30 metrics. Along with the common Key Performance Indicators, InvGate Service Desk generates information that will provide far reaching insights into your helpdesk performance:

  • Time spent by agents waiting for user replies
  • Numbers of priority changes
  • Knowledge Base usage for ticket resolutions
  • Collaborations between support agents

The above information can be just draged and droped from the metrics list.  You can also simply bookmark your analytics views and return to them later.

Information that Helps Everyone

InvGate Service Desk Analytics supports multiple helpdesks and levels. Reporting tools are available to all service desk coordinators and administrators in their area of responsibility. This provides full visibility to managerment and stakeholders in you helpdesk, allowing each helpdesk to improve their service levels.

Analytics beats reporting everytime.