Management Approvals

Approvals required to move a tickets forward? No problem! Service Desk manages that request for you.

Service Desk Approval Management

Approval Requests

If you regularly create a particular type of request, for example authorisation to install software, predefined approvals can be created to deal with that. Specify the situations that are required to make this option available, create a list of approvers or groups and the Service Desk will do the rest.  By selecting a group of users, requests are sent to all members ensuring there is no delay for example while someone is on holidays or out of the office.  It can can also be required that at least two approvers authorise a request before it is approved.

Service Desk also allows an expiration date to be set for the request or to automate the next steps after a decision is made. These could be further approval steps, reassigning or rejecting the ticket.

Multiple approval steps can be set. For example

  • Direct approvals through multiple levels of your organisation, after initial approval the request is elevated to the next level of management.
  • On rejection, automatically cancel the ticket or resend it to another Service group.
  • Upon approval the ticket is then automatically assigned to another department.

Instant Approval

Ad hoc approval requests can be created directly from within the ticket by selecting the approver and stating the decision you require. Get the quickest response by allowing Approvers to work flexibly.   They will receive an in-app approval notification request while the system can also send a customised email with integrated approval buttons. Approvers also have access to all the ticket history to give them the information they need to make the right choice with a minimum amount of hassle.

Workflow Approvals

Fully automate your Approval Management and business processes with a Service Desk Workflow.