The Customer in the Loop

Find out what your Customers think. Direct and Actionable Feedback on Service

Customer Feedback

InvGate Service Desk is designed to direct customer feedback within the resolution process  to provide the most candid and real insights into customer satisfaction levels.

The foundation of customer feedback is Service Desk is its social media design elements.  Team based structures, use of profile pictures and thread style communication boost the level of engagement between customers and service teams.  Rapport and open communication helps to pinpoint the right solution and reflects positively on the service team when it’s time to give feedback.

Collaboration is the core of Service Desk and that includes engaging end users in the resolution process. When service teams propose a solution users have the final say as to wheather an issue can be closed or not ensuring the original problem is satisfactorily solved.  This improves customer satisfaction and helps to improve overall service metrics.

Service Desk integrates the collection of customer ratings and comments at the solution approval time thus making sure that feedback is fresh, relevant and contains real insight into what went right (or wrong). This important data is then readily available and analysable through our dashboards, reports and InvGate Analytics to help develop further support strategies to boost your satisfaction ratings.

Get the insiders opinion on customer satisfaction as to why a ticket was rated 4 or 2 stars with Service Desk.