E-mail Notifications and Ticketing

InvGate Service Desk provides for comprehensive notifications via email.

E-mail Integration, Service Desk Software

Raise tickets automatically from emails

Email to Ticket integration with your mail server allows client requests to be automatically converted into help desk tickets.

Your support email accounts are monitored by Service Desk which allows creation of allocation rules to automatically direct requests to the correct help desk or support agent.

Manage Support Requests directly from email

InvGate Service Desk will keep you in the loop and allow you to manage support requests direct from your inbox.

Assign, escalate, update tickets, add attachments or make approvals all direct from your inbox.

Some users prefer to work via email?

Fully integrated email ticketing allows agents to work directly in the Service Desk while customers use email. Agents post a comment in a ticket, end users receive an email and replies direct from their inbox, and the system takes care of the communication magic!

Notifications for every eventuality

The Service Desk can generate email alerts for any event that occurs within the ticketing system.  It could be notification of a new ticket, an agent assignment, an answer posted or about an SLA that is about to expire.

There are 18 predefined HTML Help Desk email templates to choose from or you can create your own templates by simply editing rich text or HTML code. Variables from tickets like name, email or severity, include links and videos can be included. You can also add your own buttons.