Gamification ON

Make IT a bit of fun.  Engage. Challenge. Reward.


Motivation and reward is hardwired into human nature.  Used correctly it can be hugely beneficial in business applications.  Gamification features in InvGate provide a framework to reward staff with tangible incentives for completing tasks that contribute towards the overall team goals. Gamification creates an incentive to reach business objectives while promoting a competitive team spirit.  The fun can become addictive!

Gamification in business

Gamification significantly improves productivity by providing continual feedback on progress and putting daily tasks in the context of the long term goal. The more tasks completed the more the ranking or skill level of individuals increases  This provides recognition for increased effort and hard work and increases motivation to take additional steps to continued improvement.  Offering rewards in this manner helps to instil a sense of motivation and continuous improvement that becomes part of your business culture.

The Result?

Motivated staff who are recognised and rewarded and are happier and more productive as a result. In short more support Ninja’s in your team!  This translates into higher levels of service, faster response times, increased productivity, greater collaboration and greater visibility of the extra value this brings to the business.

How do game mechanics translate to business objectives?

Targets and goals set by the business which have specific rewards. Set for an individuals completing given tasks, or a teams contribution towards a goal comprising of many parts.  For example: Service Desk technicians complete the quest of closing 20 tickets with a customer satisfaction rating greater than 4 are awarded 100 points towards their total.
Progressive Quests
Tie multiple quests together to keep users engaged in the long term and maintain a balance across multiple performance areas. Progressive Quests encourage users to complete all assignments within a particular group before advancement to the next level. Example: Technicians must complete all SLA, Knowledge Base and Customer Satisfaction quests within Level 1 before moving to a more advanced set of quests in Level 2.
Award badges when goals are reached, as recognition of an outstanding contribution, or competency in a particular area. Badges are displayed in the user's profile as a reminder of their achievements and get upgraded as users advance and achieve even more mastery. For example: Individual gets a Silver Trophy for contributing five articles to the Knowledge Base self-service repository. Contributing 10 more articles will win them the gold!
Leader Board
Encourages team interaction and create a competitive spirit.  Leaderboards are used to show the relative performance of each group member. For example: Daily snapshot of each helpdesk agent and the number of tickets handled, closed, escalated etc. that can be reset each day to show daily performance.
Personal Profile
Gamification is an integral part of Service Desk, not simply an add-on, so users are always engaged and receive feedback on their progress in real time. Their Scorecard, Badges, Quests, as well as the Leaderboard are all accessible with a single click from the Gamification Dashboard for easy access.
Individuals can be rewarded with tangible or intangible items to encourage engagement and maintain motivation. Award ccan be given to a technician for example with the most tickets closed and the highest customer satisfaction rating per quarter.





New Quests can be easily customised to match the goals and objectives specific to your business environment. These can also be weighted according to type of interaction in order to maintain balance.

Quests can be defined at both group and individual level.

Gamification Benefits

  • Greater collaboration within the team and other groups to complete assigned tasks quicker.
  • Staff feel motivated and rewarded for completing everyday tasks.
  • Users are more engaged. Quests and Badges awarded based upon completion of work that is relevant directly to their role and business objectives.
  • Increase productivity and value of IT support across the business.
  • Remove barriers to adoption faced by any infrastructure application while encouraging and rewarding engagement.
  • Whats great is The Gameification is executed with all the same style and flare found in the rest of the InvGate product range.  Simple to configure, great looking graphics and dashboards all help to make it so simple to track where you are in your quest.