Service Desks Knowledge Base helps you organise all the relevant information and make it work better for you.

Documentation is a key weapon against common and repeated support requests. Service Desk incorporates an intelligent system to collect and distribute information through its Knowledge Base.

Wait! Don't make that Ticket yet.

Service Desk encourages users to search for existing solutions to help reduce your helpdesk's workload and to solve issues quickly.  When a User creates a new ticket, InvGate Natural Language Technology analyses the input text and pro-actively suggests helpful articles from the Knowledge Base in real time. This can help improve resolution times and boost satisfaction and also measurably reduces the quantity of tickets coming into the support desk.

Make knowledge work for you.

Capture information from existing tickets and address frequently asked questions. The Knowledge Base makes it simple for your agents to collaborate in the creation of knowlege articles, 

Writing an article doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. Service Desk streamlines this by allowing agents to create articles from their own support work by selecting relevant information from existing tickets and publishing them directly.

Service Desk requests user feedback about your Knowledge Base articles as they use them. User satisfaction ratings and other statistics can be analysed to maintain the highest quality of information.