Multiple Department Support

Meet the diverse and changing needs of your organisation with Service Desk.

Service Desk Multi-Department Support

Service Desk is a great solution for IT support.  It can also be used to manage Service Support in other parts of your organisation such as facilities, maintenance, HR and purchasing.  If your business is large or small, centralised in one office or spread around the globe, Service Desk can scale to meet your changing needs.

It's all possible thanks to Service Desk’s ability to flexibly define and configure Groups that perfectly matches your business and support structure. Just create your departments hierarchy and support groups, allocate agents, coordinators and end users, and set the rules for new tickets to be automatically directed where they need to go.  Modifying the Groups as your business grows or as the structure changes is a simple and straightforward process and ensures that you will always have a tailored service solution that exactly matches your needs.

Creation of custom forms and the use of triggers and workflows will transform a support ticket into a request for any action.  This could be the purchase of new office equipment, a request for annual leave or the repair of a building or facility.  Flexibility extends into other areas of configuration such as multilingual support for international organisations along with the ability to integrate with operating procedures that may require paper based approval signoff.