Stay tuned - InvGate Service Desk keeps users up to date.

Service Desk Notification System

Breaking News ... Breaking News ...

Breaking News allows technical support agents to create notifications for users to see before they make support requests thus avoiding the burden of dealing with multiple requests associated with the same technical problem.

Push Breaking News out to your users and make sure everyone gets a heads up. With InvGate Service Desk you can be proactive about technical disruptions spreading the word through your organisation and stopping a flood of new unnecessary incidents.

Customers can subscribe to the notification and receive updates automatically.  This significantly reduces the workload of the help desk.  Keep many steps ahead when it comes to system wide technical issues.

Both the affected users and the responsible technical support agents can be notified through email and directly via their desktop computers by using the InvGate Assets notification system.

In App Notifications

Service Desk provides all notifications in real time from within the application.  Besides all the normal notifications such as new tickets being raised, changes in status etc.  the system allows team leaders and administrators to track and follow all changes in a particular group.


Service Desk integrates with your email system and automatically handles communication in response to a wide variety of situations.  Simply create templates using text or HTML, include the variables you require, and work as normal through the Service Desk Interface. The system will automatically generate and send emails in response to changes by populating the templates with information from the database.

The system can be configured to generate automatic notifications users, agents, followers and approvers. Typical templates are:

  • Notification of new tickets being generated, agent assignment, answers posted, or followers added.
  • Requests for Approvals, confirmation of issue closures, the approval or rejection of requests.
  • Breaking News, reminders in response to alerts or SLA expiry.  Pending customer decision or approval and sign off of a solution by the customer.

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