Self Service Portal

Using software that feels like it was designed in the 1990's?

Service Desk Management Software

The Self Service portal in InvGate Service Desk was designed to be so intuitive and appealing that people will want to use it to solve their problems.

Empowering users to interact flexibly through a slick and modern UI,  not only decreases their workload but increase efficiency and overall satisfaction.

Control Panel

The Customer Control Panel is a portal through which customers interact with the Service Desk providing the means to create and track incidents, view current outages, search the knowledge base for solutions and provide feedback on service performance.

Totally web based, customers can interact through the modern, friendly interface which provides a user experience you would expect from your favourite social networking sites.  Smart design and visually appealing graphics, intuitive layout and functionality delivers trouble-free implementation, higher adoption rates and an almost zero learning curve.