Ticketing System

Ticketing systems are nothing new, so what makes InvGate Service Desk different? It's how we DO IT.

Intuitive Ticketing

Everything we do at InvGate is about making your IT service desk intuitive and simple, that includes ticket management. Whether you are an end user logging a ticket, or a seasoned IT support technician handling multiple incidents, the modern user interface makes managing and tracking tickets easy.

Whatever way you interact with your support teams (web, e-mail, phone, or via your intranet), InvGate Service Desk can easily deal with it. Support staff and end users are able to create tickets with a few clicks of the mouse or by simply sending an email.

Rules within Service Desk ensure the ticket is delivered to the most appropriate support member or team for resolution. You can also customise what users see in the Self Service Portal when raising requests based upon their profile or which group they belong to. You can create custom fields and drop downs or simply limit functionality as needed.

The Service Desk can also save you time by monitoring multiple support e-mail accounts and start tracking and allocating requests as they arrive.

Easy Collaboration

Collaboration and communication is a critical part of Service Desk’s ability to boost service levels. Social media inspired design elements allow you link a face to the username and create direct dialogue between users and service teams. This makes identifying the root cause of an issue and advancing requests a faster and more pleasant process for everyone involved.

At every stage of an ticket lifecycle the conversation thread based design of InvGate Service Desk allows the communication, interaction and sharing of information simply and effectively. This has a distinct advantage over the use of email or notes in that it creates a centralised location for collaboration which organises information logically and clearly presents the issue status and history. Agents and administrator also have the option to send private messages within the ticket thread in case they need to communicate internally with their team.

Customer inconvenience is reduced to a minimum by keeping users in the loop regarding their tickets or request progress via the easy to use self-service interface or automatically generated email updates.

Team Based Ticketing with Business Integration

Your tickets don’t need to exist in a bubble, Service Desk structures the resolution process in the same way as your organisation by using a team based ticketing approach. This reflects the interconnectivity of issues and interactions with internal and external groups.

Team members from within your organisation can act as Observers or Collaborators on a Ticket, as well as your external suppliers and service providers. This creates a centralised space where information is shared and available when needed avoiding issues such as disjointed communication and lost information within multiple email conversations. By structuring the ticket to incorporate all applicable groups you also have a means to track who is required to act next and to understand the issue in its wider business context.

Service Desk also allows you to create relationships between tickets and existing issues, merge tickets together or directly create a new linked ticket. This provides you with greater visibility and helps to keep issues logically structured and also keeps your system clean and in order.

Allocate Tickets Automatically

Ticket allocation is simple using Service Desk through its intelligent automation.

Service Desk reflects your organisational structure. Create your hierarchy of multiple supports groups or helpdesks. Allocate agents and coordinators then set the rules so new tickets are automatically directed where you want them to go. You can do this based on any combination of factors such as user group, severity or type.

Decide how you want to spread the work around too. Manage it yourself, let the agents decide, or assign the tickets automatically using a round robin or workload based system.

Do you want to run a different team or structure after hours, on the weekend or for the holiday season? No problem, simply specify the work hours of each helpdesk and the system will reroute requests based on availability.