Integrate IT service with your organisational processes and create automated Workflows to manage requests no matter the department. Map process, define inputs and outputs and InvGate Service Desk will do the rest.

Workflows, Service Desk Management Software

Workflow Editor:

Use the Workflow Editor to map your process, tasks, decision points, loops, and all inputs and outputs.

Workflows are triggered by a request generated in the Service Desk, be it for a purchase of new equipment, software installation, request for annual leave or any other common tasks.

The Service Desk will automatically execute your predefined process.

  • The Workflow extracts all the relevant information from the request and the service database including external data sources via a web service or API if required.
  • The process path taken is based entirely on the predefined conditions set by you. At any step the workflow can be made to:
    • Request user input using custom forms.
    • Generate and execute an approval of any type.
    • Send Notification Emails.
    • Execute custom code.
  • Approval requests are generated automatically at appropriate points both in the app and by email. The ticket is then moved to the next state based on the outcome of the approval.
  • The Service Desk interacts with the world through in-application and email communication and can optionally run code through a web service or API.  It can also be made to effect changes in your computer systems via InvGate Assets, for example, the installation of new software, license management or the locking of a workstation.

There is no limit with workflows.  Define your processes with ease to your exact specifications and let the system take care of the rest.