Service Desk has all the standard features you expect with game-changing advanced functionality.

  • Easy Ticketing

    With just a few clicks you can make tickets through the modern and intuitive user interface. Communicate and share information using the best aspects of social media and involve everyone who is needed to solve the problem.

  • Amazing Analytics

    InvGate Analytics delivers exactly the data you need in real time. It is more than just an advanced reporting tool, Explore, discover and interact with information through the simple, but powerful drag-and-drop interface.


  • Automated Workflows

    Integrate IT with your business processes and create automated Workflows easily. Map out the process, define the inputs and outputs and Invgate Service Desk does the rest for you.

  • Knowledge Base

    Capture knowledge and have it work for you with Service Desk. Create articles in a snap and make them easily accessible. Service Desk actively suggests solutions as tickets are created.

  • Service Level Agreements

    Keep your priorities straight by using our customisable SLA management. Easy to define flexible rules to assign priority, receive alerts and track to resolution. To help you meet and exceed your agreed service levels.

  • Approvals

    Do you need somebody’s approval to advance your ticket? No problem! Service Desk will manage that for you. The request, response, and even the next steps can be fully automated so you can progress your ticket faster.

  • Time Tracking

    Understand the true cost of providing Service Support within your organisation through simple time tracking and reporting. Service Desk provides enhanced budget control, improved forecasting and the foundations to implement IT chargeback.

  • Client Feedback

    Service Desk engages users through social media collaboration and requests feedback at just the right moments in the ticket resolution process to generate the most helpful insights to improve your service performance and delivery.

  • Support Multiple Departments

    Meet the diverse needs of your organisation with Service Desk. Define and easily configure Groups that directly align to your organisational structure and enjoy a uniquely tailored solution for your Service Support.

  • ITIL

    Fast-track your ITIL initiatives and get immediate value no matter your size or organizational maturity. Service Desk includes the ideal mix of process automation, functionality and flexibility to form a comprehensive and ITIL-compatible service management solution right out of the box.

  • E-mail

    Service Desk allows users and agents to interact via email to raise tickets, respond to approval requests and even to update tickets automatically.

  • Gamification

    Reward staff for contributing to team, department or company goals. Boost teamwork, engagement and overall performance with Service Desk. Battle the Ticket Beast and Quest for better service with Gamification.


There's more! Self Service, Asset Management, Custom Interfaces, Interactive Dashboards, Templates, Breaking News, Notifications, Branding, Active Directory Import, Multilingual Support and more!